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Audio Visual System


Extron Electronics, is a leading manufacturer of professional A/V system, matrix switchers.

Distribution amplifiers, video scalars, products including computer-video interfaces, switchers scan converters, signal processing devices.

Ethernet control interfaces, and high resolution cables.

Samsung , Sony

Surveillance Systems- CCTV, Cameras & Camera

Assemblies, Lenses, Monitors, Time Lapse

Recorders and Video Control equipment. Security Control & Intrusion Detection

Fire Detection & Controls

Australian Monitor /Bosch

Digital Congress Network Systems

Public Address System for Auditoriums & Buildings

Paging Systems

Industrial Communication Systems

Channel Music Systems

Surveillance Systems- CCTV, Monitors, Cameras & Camera

Assemblies, Lenses, Time Lapse Recorders & Video Control equipment

Access Control

Clear one/ BiAmp

Clear One is a leading global provider of premium audio conferencing systems and other related products for audio, video and web conferencing applications.

Sennheiser/ Revo Lab

Sennheiser microphones, arranged by type

Condenser Small-diaphragm Condenser, Handheld/ Head worn, Cordless

Instrument, Boundary, Gooseneck, Lavaliere, Stereo, Shotgun,

JBL (Harman Pro) / Tannoy

JBL :- Speakers

AKG:- Wired & Wireless Micro Phone

BSS :- Equalizer ,Electronic Crossover & Processors

Crown and Lab Gruppen :- Power Amplifier

DBX:- Equalizer & Complete Loudspeaker Management System


Tannoy Audio Products, has become a globally recognized leader in professional audio.

This prominence is the result of the company's mission to establish new standards of reliability and performance through the development of breakthrough technologies.

People link /Polycom/Panasonic Video Conference

Audio and video conferencing for Conference and board rooms


Audiovisual rack (to fix the audio video equipments.

Da-Lite / Liberty

Electric Screens

Manual Wall and Ceiling Screens

Tripod Screens, Mounting System

Fixed Frame Screens, Rear Projection Screen


Projector Mounts - LCD/DLP/CRT

Slide Stands

Flat Panels ,Video Conferencing

Flat Panel Display Mounts



LCD Projector

DLP Projector



Sennheiser / Conference System

Sennheiser Conference system is world's leading brands of advanced conference electronics.

Conference systems

Complete solutions for simultaneous interpretation,

Voting System

language distribution and software management.

Security System


Access Cantrol System